Friday, 15 August 2014

Morning Rituals for a Great Working Day!

Mornings are the most important part of your day. If start off correctly, it can add layers upon layers of productivity and almost guarantee a good working day. If done it right...

So my mornings comprise of small rituals which I am currently loving; stretches. Which I learned from Michelle Phan's website.

Then, a quick creative brainstorming exercise. Which goes like this:
Sit on a comfy zone, with pen and a paper nearby. Think about a small situation_ It could be a plot issue you are currently working on.
Then take a deep breath, close your eyes and let the movie play itself by your brain. Just be the audience. If you are not in a tight schedule ahead, let it flow until it stop itself and write down every detail you remember from it. But if you do have to go to work or school or some other restrictions. Set a timer in your clock, at least 15 minutes. After it buzz off, write it down and get running.

After these morning rituals, I tend to my humanly needs AKA hygiene.

Then to the most important part of the morning; breakfast.
Bonus tip: Always eat it. Don't ever, ever think it unimportant. It is a really major part of life.
In breakfast, it is good to consider the nutritional part and the impact part. Keep the taste part in back of the mind. You want a good head start of the day filled with tasks to be done. So eat something that would freshen up you, not slow you down. So avoid anything oily and sweet. Best breakfast, in my opinion is cereal. It helps you get filled up, it has milk so it is healthy and it tastes good too. But having an egg is a better option. Doctors recommend eating an egg a day. And there is no better time to have it then in the morning.
So think about your breakfast routine wisely (and share it with me).
I myself like to jump around in these two option. Someday's I experiment with new kinds of omelette's, others I just fix up a bowl of cereal and eat it.

P.S If possible, try to give morning's as much time as they deserve. Try to start off a little earlier. Mornings are best meditations and rejuvenates us in a great way. And makes our day better.

Kinza Sheikh
Enjoy your life and work your passion.

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