Friday, 24 January 2014

Getting Started!

Hey everyone!
My name is Kinza and I am an aspiring writer. My past experience is a grand total of 3 short stories. I love reading books, experimenting new dishes, talking, and doing lots of things. But as for reading, I am a relatively new reader. I mean I always loved reading, but I don't have a big list of books I have read. It's a weird notion to put here, but it is important.
Since its gonna be a start of my reading and writing adventure and I am gonna share every bit of it with whoever takes some time and visit my blog. :D Other than that, I will share my other life experiences as well. 
There is gonna be at least two books reviews every month, and lots of creative writing prompts, ideas, news on books, research materials and I am also gonna share my own little journey as a writer writing my very first novel. I also am gonna share it here (not for you guyz :P, just that hoping some publisher might visit here some day and offer me my very first published book). Other than that, lots of DIY, beauty tips, cooking recipes and tips, movie reviews and many more. This place will just be a tiny window to my life. 

Hope you all like it here!
I am really excited for the journey @-@
Since I have no idea what else to say, I'll wrap this post here.
Kinza (this makes it a bit letter style B) )

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