Sunday, 26 January 2014

My recent horror movies marathon!

Hey guys!
 My cousin had visited me some time ago, she is a fan of horror movies. So whenever she visits our house we always watch as many of them as possible. This time I thought I should share them with you. The movies we watched were ; Insidious 1 and 2. See the guy in picture, he is from that movie. Other than that we watched The Conjurer, Let the Right One In and The Woman in Black.
Insidious was a really interesting and intriguing one right from the start. I consider myself not much of a scaredy-cat kind, but I also broke some screams during the movie. The thing that make this movie scary was the elements of surprise. The ghosts appeared when one least expected them. Not those classic hours of nothing but someone getting scared of its own shadow. At the 2nd part, the start had scared the hell out of me, but after some time it was more into the story than horrors. But that doesn't make it boring. It was awesome.
The Conjurer; want a piece of advice? Don't watch it. It is the most scary movie I have ever watched in my whole life and the worst part, it is based on reality. That makes a horror movie even more scary. I even started blabbering in the middle that we should stop the movie and do something else. My sad story, no one listened to me and no one let me get the hell out of there. I was forced to watch until the end. :(
Let the Right One In wasn't a scary movie, even though it falls in horror category. It was rather storical. A sad story of a girl vampire; a boy fell for her then find out she is a vampire not a girl. She has to kill people to fill her tummy, blahblahblah. It was kind of tragic rather than horror.
The Woman in Black was simply interesting. Didn't scared me much. I found it funny that the lead actor was Daniel Radcliffe. We even wondered why didn't he just valgalium velliossa'd the witch and blew her away? Jokes aside, it had a good story from the start until the climax, but I found the end disappointing. :(

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