Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Testament by John Grisham! (My first attempt to write a review)

This writer knows how to keep you hooked in the story until the end. Creating an environment from the start and keep pacin it until the end.
The story was about a 11 billion dollar fortunes will of a self-made billionaire Troy Phelan. The thing that surprise one is that how can you put so much adventure into a lousy topic of a typical will fight?
Starting from a plush office in the Capitol, to rivers in some Pantanal region in Brazil then to a Native American village. It was an all rounder.
But the image I got from this novel to the places mentioned was opposite to what those really were. It is mentioned in the end that those areas are great ecological preserves and what I extracted was some sort of giant swamp with stinky creatures. :(

The execution of the protagonist Nate O'Riley. His journey from the rehab to church :P It was my first experience of a story where the narrator gave appreciation to his religious beliefs boldly. Otherwise in today's secular society, no one discuss much about their religious views. As far as I have seen it.
One thing was for sure, I didn't felt for Nate the protagonist. I felt he was just there to keep the story going, not that the story running through him. He didn't overwhelmed me. But that did no damage to the novel. 

Overall; I didn't even knew and I was at last page. The pages just fly by! 
Has anyone else of you read this novel?
Do share your views with me!
P.S This is my first attempt to write a review. Please do correct me of my mistakes :)

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