Sunday, 26 January 2014

The scary first line whenever one sit to write

I wonder if its because I am a newbie or it is a common symptom to every writer. Whenever I sit to write, the first line is always the scariest. Thinking something worth writing and making others read it. So my rule is, whenever one has a problem, one should always ask Mr.Google for advice. He always has solution to the problem :D  I did that too. I googled this issue.
Every link showed more or less same answer and that is :
Just barge in and write. At first don't worry how it might look like. After storming until the end, then reread what you had written and think "did I just wrote that crap?"
Then comes somewhat painful, somewhat interesting, somewhat tiring process of editing. After done with that you will get a end result of something like : The Da Vinci code ;). Well the point to this weird notion is; everyone, even the big writers like Dan Brown or any other your favorite has to go through a crappy first draft. (get used to it; in this site all of you will just keep hearing names of all my favorite writers ;) )

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